Why choose SunSelect?

SunSelect is a patented and scientifically developed fabric, which blocks most of the harmful UV-B sunrays, but transmits a selective amount of UV-A sunrays through to the skin.

Unique in the market
The SunSelect concept is the only patented product with regard to Tan-Through fabrics in the world.

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Comfortable & Excellent to wear


Tanning of the skin

Fast drying

Protection against harming UV sunrays

How does the SunSelect fabric work?

  • *The greater part of the harming UV-B sunrays is being blocked by the fabric
  • **The UV-A sunrays needed for tanning the skin is being transmitted through the SunSelect textile

The invention
The invention in respect to the concept “SunSelect”, which is described in a granted patent, is related to UV-transmissive textiles. These fabrics consist of several yarns and compositions of yarns.

The fabric
The fabric can be either knitted or woven. Many garments can be made of these SunSelect tan-through fabrics.

Possible compositions

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