Suntan Beheer B.V. is a company based in The Netherlands and was one of the first companies to look for solutions for Tan-Through clothing. After a long process Suntan Beheer B.V. developed an innovative concept of tan-through fabrics called “SunSelect”. This high-tech fabric allows tanning of the skin, while it selectively filters ultraviolet sunlight to achieve a safer tanning. We deliver our tan-through fabrics to customers all over the world. Our fabrics and our experience in the clothing industry make us a unique partner for manufacturers of swimwear, burqa, outdoor clothing, cycling clothing, sportswear, leggings and all kinds of clothing that are worn close to the body. If you want to design clothes made from one of our fabrics, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you on all aspects relating to the correct processing and application of the fabrics.